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City of Kirtland Service Department

Information related to service department activities will be posted here, when available. Please visit this page for additional information on city services.

Mailbox Replacement Policy
For more information, please contact the City of Kirtland Service Department at 440-256-1234.

The City of Kirtland Service Department makes every effort to exercise caution while plowing snow. Unfortunately, there are instances when a mailbox is damaged. Our replacement policy is as follows:

  • Only mailboxes damaged by direct contact with a city plow truck or plow blade will be replaced. A mailbox damaged by snow thrown or pushed by a city truck does NOT warrant replacement.
  • "Rubbermaid" style mailboxes will NOT be replaced.
  • Maximum replacement value is $35.
  • Replacement mailboxes include a standard 4 x 4 treated wood post and mailbox, as approved by the US Postal Service.


For more information, please contact the Service Department at 256-1234 or by clicking the link above.

Ward 4 - Week of April 4

Ward 1 - Week of April 11

Ward 2 - Week of April 18

Ward 3 - Week of April 25

On April 4, the Kirtland Service Department will begin brush pick-up throughout the city. The program is intended to assist residents with the annual spring clean-up of branches and twigs that have come down from the inclement winter weather.

The program is NOT intended to assist with clearing a parcel or substantially clearing trees on a parcel.

The trucks will pass only one time through each ward, so please have your brush and tree limbs out by the date listed for your ward.


  • Brush should be placed at the edge of the road and not in the drainage ditches.
  • Brush should not exceed three inches in diameter or a maximum of six feet in length.
  • Brush must be piled or bundled.
  • The entire brush pile must not exceed 25 feet wide (maximum).
  • Unacceptable items include stumps, shrubs, and Christmas trees.

Drainage Ditches - A Reminder to Residents

Please remember that leaves and other debris should not be dumped or allowed to collect in drainage ditches. An accumulation of leaves or other debris can plug drains

and lead to flooding. Residents are responsible for maintaining any drainage ditches on their property.

To determine which ward you live in, please click on the link above for further instructions.