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If you have any questions, Waste Management Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-343-6047.

Recycling and Trash Removal
Solid waste and recycling services are provided exclusively by Waste Management. To establish service or for more information, please contact Waste Management at 1-800-343-6047, or download
What to Recycle (PDF).

Bulk Rubbish Pick-Up
Kirtland residents, who utilize Waste Management, may request FREE pick-up of bulk rubbish items at any time during the year. Please call WASTE MANAGEMENT at 1-800-343-6047 for more information or to schedule a pick-up. Certain restrictions apply.

2015 Special Collection Events
Sponsored by the Lake County Solid Waste District and the Lake County Commissioners

Download 2015 Schedule

For more information, please contact:

  • Lake County Solid Waste District -- 440-350-2644
  • Ohio State University Extension -- 440-350-2582

Sponsored by the Lake County Solid Waste District and the Lake County Commissioners
Administered by the Lake County Department of Utilities 


Recycling & Trash Removal with Waste Management

Cart Customers
| Bag Customers | Senior Discount

Cart Customers

Several service levels are available for cart customers. To establish cart service, please contact Waste Management directly at 800-343-6047.

Bag Customers

Effective May 20, 2009 all residents using plastic bags, for solid waste collection by Waste Management, will be REQUIRED to use a bag that is of a unique color assigned ONLY to Kirtland. This does NOT affect customers that have signed-up for cart service for their solid waste collection.

The required bags are available for purchase at:

Kirtland Market
8232 Euclid Chardon Road

Dairy Mart
9370 Chillicothe Road

The bags will cost $4.05 per bag. A roll of 5 bags will cost $20.25. The bags are in stock and ready for purchase at your convenience. All bag customers are entitled to a recycling cart provided by Waste Management.

Senior Discount

Cart Customers -- As a courtesy to our seniors (those 60 years of age or older), Waste Management is offering a special discount for solid waste cart service. Those 60 years of age and older are eligible for discounted cart service. This service includes one 96 gallon cart for solid waste and one 64 gallon cart for recyclables. To receive discounted cart service, please contact Waste Management Customer Service at 800-343-6047.

Bag Customers -- Residents, 60 years of age or older, can purchase bags, at a reduced cost of $3.25 per bag, ONLY at:

Kirtland Senior Center
7900 Euclid-Chardon Road
Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. – Monday thru Friday

For evening and weekend hours, please call 256-4711

This discounted bag price will ONLY be available through the Kirtland Senior Center. The bags will be sold as a roll, with 5 bags to a roll, for a total cost of $16.25 per roll. Identification is required at the time of purchase to confirm your date of birth.

Identification, to verify age, is required to purchase the bags. Seniors that sign-up for bag service, or cart service, will also receive one 64 gallon recycling cart at no additional charge.

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