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Funding Opportunity for Landowners to Reduce Erosion

Public Meetings For Landowner Cost-share Grant

CRWP is holding public kickoff meetings for property owners interested in participating in a cost-share program aimed at reducing erosion. Click here for facts sheets, maps of eligible watersheds, and more information about the program. The meetings will be held:

Monday, March 5 at 6 pm at Lake Metroparks Farmpark

Monday, March 19 at 6 pm at Geauga Park District West Woods Nature Center

Representative Dave Joyce and Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman will be invited along with local elected officials, County Commissioners from Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, and Portage Counties, the local print media, and Ohio Commissioners to the Great Lakes Commission.

From Mayor Doug Davidson

Dear Kirtland Residents,

Late winter is budget time at City Hall. Administration and City Council have been working diligently to produce and review respectively, the budget for 2018. The City operates on a temporary budget authorization (Ordinance 17-O-40 in this case), for the first three months, while the 2018 budget is put together. The budget ordinance always goes three readings, and has gone four meetings on occasion. This year with new council members on board, we added a preliminary budget meeting led by our Finance Director Keith Martinet. Keith covered the structure of our fund based government budget, which differs significantly from typical business, commercial, or personal budgets. I am grateful for the financial expertise and perspective of longtime Councilman Dave Kirek, in these budget conversations and also the vigor of the newly elected council members including Finance Co-Chair John Lesnick who are digging in to the detail.

While the detailed budget work goes on, we work concurrently on our goals and vision of what we want the City to be and do. Just to name a few items, we have the Fiscal Review Task Force looking at the City strategically to promote efficient and effective operations in the long term. We have a portion of an economic development and planning person budgeted. We have a review of a solar energy array opportunity for our undeveloped park property underway, and we have begun working more closely with Mark Rantala from the Lake County Port and Economic Development Authority. Nobody does this kind of work by themselves, and we have good engagement from Council President Potter to Commissioner Jerry Cirino and many others in these efforts. I also have to thank Superintendent Bill Wade and the School Board, who helped us structure an incentive program that has potential to help the city without hurting the school.

This season will see the paving of Rte 306 from end to end. As part of the city's financial contribution to the project, we will be doing in-kind work which will include over 2000 feet of ditch enclosures and numerous curb cut upgrades which must be completed prior to the contracted paving work. Due to the timing of the in-kind work for the 306 project, the typical brush collection will not be conducted in the spring this year, and will either be shifted to fall or started again next year.

That's probably enough ink for March.

Warm Regards from City Hall,

Mayor Doug Davidson


Additional News

Brush Collection Update

Due to the anticipated ODOT paving of Route 306 and the City's in-kind work contribution, we are unable to offer residential brush collection throughout our wards this spring.

Brush collection will either be shifted to the fall or be discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Lake County Solid Waste District posts a list of businesses that offer recycling options including yard waste on their website. To view the list of businesses or for more information please visit Lake County recycling

For more details, contact the Public Works Department at 440-256-1234

City of Kirtland Newsletter

The City of Kirtland publishes a newsletter two times each year.

Download 2018 Spring/Summer Newsletter

The City of Kirtland is located in Lake County in the northeast section of Ohio, approximately 22 miles east of the city of Cleveland, and about 5 miles inland from Lake Erie. First a township, Kirtland achieved village status in 1970 and was incorporated into a city in 1971. The City, with a population of about 7,000, is about 17 square miles and consists predominately of residential homes.