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From Mayor Doug Davidson

Dear Kirtland Residents,

On a recent afternoon, I had the opportunity to read aloud a page or two of "The World According to Humphrey" to the elementary school students gathered in the gym. Two thoughts came to mind while I was sitting there with Superintendant Bill Wade on my left and PTA President Lisa Alejos on my right. The first thought was what an awesome responsibility that Bill Wade and the staff had for all the kids gathered in the room, to educate them to the best of their ability and resources, and with as many options and accommodations as possible. The second thought which came to mind was Officer Al Taddeo, our school resource officer, how much we expect of him and all our officers, and how important their job is. Thank you.

As I sit here writing month's column, I am happy to say that a crosswalk design build /contract is on the April agenda for City Council to approve. The administration got the warrant study, the scope of work, solicitation, engineering site review, and vendor selection done for this to happen. We also resisted the calls to install a cheaper, arguably less safe crosswalk just for the sake of expediency. Later in April, a Shared Economic Development Manager contract will be before council. This individual is to foster, promote, and support activities that create economic and community development for Kirtland, and the individual will be resourced by three communities and the Port Authority. Retaining existing business and growing new business is the objective.

Roads continue to be a priority for administration and council. On a positive note, we still anticipate contracting the entirety of State Rte 306 from Kirtland Rd. to the Chester Twp. While much of this cost is eventually reimbursed, Kirtland does have to encumber over $500,000 to get the job started and will also complete numerous ditch enclosures and curb ramps as in-kind contributions. Singlefoot and Arborhurst Drive must be reconstructed this year with money previously borrowed for that purpose. Conditions and quotes will dictate the use of the road levy funds, on other streets and I will share that with you on the website when the bids are returned. We are concurrently working on a Wisner Road Streambank Stabilization Project with much of the money coming from grants. It will be a busy year.

In the same way that we modeled Mayor Dave Anderson's Fiscal Task Force from Willoughby, I have looked to Mayor Mario Marcopoli's proposed 5 year road plan from 1980 as a model, and asked CT Consultants and our City Engineer to produce an updated plan, which can be reviewed yearly, and would show how far the funds do or do not go based on material and typical contracting cost factors. Perhaps we can take some of the politics out of it by just laying out the facts.

I'll be celebrating Easter with my family soon, and I will be hoping for a fine Spring for you and yours also.

Warm Regards,

Mayor Davidson


Additional News

Brush Collection Update

Due to the anticipated ODOT paving of Route 306 and the City's in-kind work contribution, we are unable to offer residential brush collection throughout our wards this spring.

Brush collection will either be shifted to the fall or be discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Lake County Solid Waste District posts a list of businesses that offer recycling options including yard waste on their website. To view the list of businesses or for more information please visit Lake County recycling

For more details, contact the Public Works Department at 440-256-1234

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The City of Kirtland is located in Lake County in the northeast section of Ohio, approximately 22 miles east of the city of Cleveland, and about 5 miles inland from Lake Erie. First a township, Kirtland achieved village status in 1970 and was incorporated into a city in 1971. The City, with a population of about 7,000, is about 17 square miles and consists predominately of residential homes.