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The City of Kirtland is currently accepting applications for a Part-Time Zoning Inspector.

Duties include: inspect buildings and properties to insure conformity to site plans, identify and resolve zoning violations, and investigate complaints regarding zoning violations and issue zoning violations notices.

Valid Ohio driver's license is required. Must have the ability to read blue prints, knowledge of City zoning codes and ordinances, and understanding of construction structural engineering.

Pay rate is between $18-20/hour. Part-time, NO benefits. Approximately 25 hours per week.

Please submit resume to: Christine Speece at

The City of Kirtland is an equal opportunity employer.

SR 306 Crosswalk Update

The highly anticipated construction of the pedestrian cross walk will begin on Monday, April 15th.

According to the contractors, the first stage of construction will commence April 15th with prep work including digging the foundation for the poles for the HAWK pedestrian crosswalk.

During construction, SR 306 will be reduced to two lanes (curb lane closed) near the Kirtland school stadium and across from the Dollar General shopping plaza. Access to the sidewalk and turning into the school parking lot near the stadium may be limited, but minimal delays in traffic are expected.

We appreciate your patience and attentiveness to the safety of the workers, pedestrians and motoring traffic.

The estimated completion date of the crosswalk project is late May 2019.

Strategic Planning Kickoff Results

On February 6, 2019, Kirtland held Strategic Planning kickoff meeting. During this meeting, various information was gathered, which is represented within the three documents.

The first document called Kirtland City Mindmap is information gathered from the participants on their ideal Kirtland as if it were ten years in the future. Once the information was gathered, it was distilled into six categories - Partnerships, Governance, Infrastructure, Services, Economic Development and expressing the "Feel" of the community.

The second document is the One Word to describe Kirtland. This helps to identify what the participants relate with their view of Kirtland as a community as what makes it special. The responses will assist in creating a strategic plan that balances development with maintain the feel of the community.

The third document is a SWOT Analysis. SWOT stand for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This document is broken down into the categories identified from the Mindmap, with the categories of Infrastructures and Services being combined into one within the SWOT analysis.

2019 Brush Collection Schedule

For more information, please contact the Service Department at 256-1234.

On April 8th, the Kirtland Service Department will begin brush pick-up throughout the city. The program is intended to assist residents with the annual spring clean-up of branches and twigs that have come down from the inclement winter weather. The program is NOT intended to assist with clearing a parcel or substantially clearing trees on a parcel. City trucks will pass only one time through each ward, so please have your brush and tree limbs out by the start date listed for your ward.

2019 Brush Collection Schedule

Ward 2 - Week of April 8

Ward 1 - Week of April 15

Ward 4 - Week of April 22

Ward 3 - Week of April 29

Requirements For Brush Pick-up

  • Brush should be placed at the edge of the road and not in the drainage ditches. Please keep the ditches and drains clean of debris at all times
  • Brush should not exceed three inches in diameter or a maximum of four feet in length
  • Brush must be bundled with twine and not exceed 30 pounds
  • The entire brush pile must not exceed 10 feet in width
  • Unacceptable items include: stumps, shrubs, ornamental grass, and Christmas trees
  • No brush piles will be picked up if these requirements are not met

Drainage Ditches - A Reminder to Residents

Please remember that leaves and other debris should not be dumped or allowed to collect in drainage ditches. An accumulation of leaves or other debris can plug drains and lead to flooding. Residents are responsible for maintaining any drainage ditches on their property.

Changes in Pool Passes

Kirtland residents: Please be advised that in an effort to control spending, we will no longer offer reduced resident rates for programs and pool passes with the city of Mentor. We will continue to offer reduced pool pass pricing with the city of Willoughby. The city of Kirtland will subsidize $25 of the Willoughby pool pass program cost for our residents who wish to use the Willoughby swimming pools for the 2019 season until the budget total is reached. Passes may be purchased directly from Willoughby and proof of residency is required. For current rates, please contact the city of Willoughby: 440-953-4200.

Old Town Area Sanitary Sewer Update Meeting 12/3/18 @ 6PM

Property Owners in the Old Town area are encouraged to attend this important community meeting.

The Old Town area includes:

  • Conley Street
  • Maple Street
  • Joseph Street
  • Fairview
  • Fairidge
  • Elm Street
  • Bluff Street
  • Coudry Street

A representative from the Ohio EPA will be attending the City Council work session to discuss the current status of OEPA's investigations, probable outcome, and alternatives for resolving the problem.

December 3, 2018
6:00 p.m.
Kirtland City Hall - Council Chambers - 9301 Chillicothe Road

Old Town Area Sanitary Sewer Informational Meeting

We appreciate all those who came to the community meeting on 5/29. The meeting was for informational purposes and no decisions were made.

Since some residents were unable to make it and other asked for a copy, we are sharing the slide presentation, City of Kirtland FAQs, Lake County General Health District Operation Permit FAQ, and other information that was presented during the meeting.

Lake County General Health District Pamphlet

Lake County Stormwater Management Department Pamphlet

The Lake County Department of Utilities (LCDU) passed out 2 sheets that require a response from property owners in the Old Town area.

Kirtland Sanitary Sewer Improvement Comment Sheet. The purpose of the sheet is to get an idea of the number of residents who are in favor or not in favor of connecting to sewers. This is NOT a commitment from property owners. If you are leaning toward connecting to sewers, please mark next to I wish to proceed to a public hearing. Those not in favor check I do not wish to proceed to a public hearing.

Preliminary Income Sheet. The completion of this sheet will give us an indication of the type of grants that can be applied for to bring down the cost. This sheet is meant to be anonymous and is for statistical purposes only.

We appreciate everyone taking the time to review the material and submitting the information by June 15, 2018. Once you have completed the forms, you may email them to the LCDU or the City of Kirtland. Another option is to print the forms and mail them or hand deliver to the city's administrative office at City Hall.

Another meeting is expected to take place in June and residents will be notified in advance of the date and time.


Dear Kirtland Residents,

2018 was a year of some challenges and accomplishments.

The City of Kirtland joined our neighbors in Willowick and Wickliffe to invest in the services of a Shared Economic Development Manager. The concept was brought to the mayors by Commissioner Jerry Cirino and Port Director Mark Rantala. I believe Council saw the value in the position to help focus our economic development efforts and approved the contract. The city administration worked closely with the Kirtland Schools to put in place an agreement (MOU) to provide the best protection for our young residents while they are at school and we continue to work on additional agreements that define our School Resource Officer arrangements. Our Kirtland residents weighed in on the structure of our police dispatch and had their voices heard. As a result, our new dispatch technology is in place and working seamlessly to help deliver emergency services to residents.

The paving of State Route 306 was the biggest project we engaged in for 2018. We had assistance the County Engineer, ODOT District 12, our Finance Director, our City Engineer, and City Council to get all the pieces in place to get the work financed and bid. Our Service Department contributed in-kind work to this project. In addition, we received funding from Lake County Stormwater Management, and an OPWC grant. In other paving, the City reconstructed two roads, Arborhurst and Singlefoot and contracted out a section of Booth Road between Eagle and Kirtland Chardon Road. Our new crosswalk will be installed in the spring between the apex of the football field and the shopping center. When used, the crosswalk will have a red light to ensure that stopping for pedestrians is more than just a suggestion.

In 2019 we have some new challenges and some familiar ones. We have two department head retirements in the next several months. I have the greatest respect for our Service Director Carm Catania and our Finance Director Keith Martinet. They have both served the city honorably and well for decades. The objective is now finding the new department heads who will take us into the next ten years.

The continuing challenge of municipal government is to deliver high quality cost-effective services to the residents. On roads for instance, we have over 63 miles of road network in the city. We have been spending the 5-year road levy money of approximately $485,000 per year and not catching up. In fact, the road study we purchased recommends an average of $1,120,000 over each of the next ten years.

The budget will be stable through 2019. Administration and Council will have to get together on revenue this year. Whether it's a replacement levy that restructures some revenue for police and frees up money in the general fund or a permanent road levy, we need to clearly justify it and put it before the voters in a unified way.

Warm Regards from City Hall,

Mayor Doug Davidson

Additional News

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The City of Kirtland is located in Lake County in the northeast section of Ohio, approximately 22 miles east of the city of Cleveland, and about 5 miles inland from Lake Erie. First a township, Kirtland achieved village status in 1970 and was incorporated into a city in 1971. The City, with a population of about 7,000, is about 17 square miles and consists predominately of residential homes.