City Hall of Kirtland Ohio photo

Fire Prevention

Smoke Detectors:
Working smoke detectors are a critical part of home safety. The Kirtland Fire Department will provide these life saving devices to Kirtland residents. If you need a smoke detector or think your current detector is not working correctly, contact the Fire Department at 256-8979.

Rapid Access Key Vaults
The Kirtland Fire Department participates in the Knox Box program. Residents and businesses are able to purchase a secure key vault that mounts on or next to a door. A key to the premises is locked inside the vault. Quick access to the key allows the fire department to gain entry into the structure without damage to doors or windows. This program is especially suited to high value premises, the elderly and handicapped.

Contact the Fire Department at 256-8979 for more information.

Kirtland fire dept in action photo