City Hall of Kirtland Ohio photo

Lance R. Nosse
Chief of Police

Lance R. Nosse is the newly appointed Chief of Police for the City of Kirtland. He was sworn in during a City Council meeting on July 3, 2017.

Chief Nosse lives in Euclid with his wife of 18 years, Laurie and their three children: Dorothy Anne, Dannah, and Declan.

Following in his father's (Euclid Police Captain, retired) footsteps he started his career in law enforcement in April of 1991 with the City of Euclid as a full-time Corrections Officer. He entered the Lakeland Community College Police Academy in April of 1994 graduating in September of that same year.

After earning his degree from the Police Academy, he began an internship with the City of Kirtland and on September 5, 1995 became a part-time officer for the city. During his part-time tenure in Kirtland, he continued working full-time as a Corrections Officer with the City of Euclid where he gained valuable insight into both aspects of policing and corrections.

On June 6, 1999, he was granted temporary full-time status with the City of Kirtland which eventually became permanent in 2002 through the city's Civil Service Commission.

Throughout his career, Chief Nosse continued to hone his skills by receiving a wide range of training in technical and administrative facets of policing. This training encompassed accident investigation, core criminal investigation, crime scene investigation, along with a multitude of other police oriented training.

Rising to the rank of Sergeant in 2014, he took advantage of the opportunity to attend several leadership schools. Included in these were his attendance at the prestigious Police Executive and Administrative Leadership School (PEALS).

In March of 2016, he attended an 11-week executive leadership school at The Ohio State University, "John Glenn Schools of Public Affairs" titled Public Safety Leadership Academy (staff and command). Later that same year, he took part in the Great Lakes Leadership Seminar in Niagara Falls New York where he became an active member of the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA).

Chief Nosse was promoted to Executive Lieutenant of the Kirtland Police Department in November of 2016 and began to learn all aspects of staffing, budgeting, and purchasing for the department.

Chief Nosse is active in several organizations including: FBI-LEEDA, Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Lake County Chiefs of Police. He feels his new role is not only exciting but a great opportunity to teach and continue the efforts made from previous leaders.

Police Chief: Lance R. Nosse photo

Police Chief: Lance R. Nosse